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All About Deepest Roots Farm LLC

Luxury horse-back rides for nature-lovers

Deepest Roots Farm, LLC is a family farm in White Cloud, MI offering horse- back riding experiences for humans who like to get in touch with nature. Trail rides and riding lessons are available.

Our rides wind through 625 acres of the Huron- Manistee National Forest including oak and beech forest, pine groves, and wetlands. Many interesting trees, plants, and interesting fungi can be seen on every ride, and there is always the possibility of catching sight of deer and wild turkey. 

Our gentle horses are from gaited breeds, which means they move much more smoothly than most other horses. They are not trained or shod to produce these gaits- they are inherited from birth. We use gentle, natural training methods and our horses receive regular vet and farrier (footcare) checks. They wear sneaker-like boots when working hard but are barefoot when off-duty and when the ground is soft. 

Stella: she who must be noticed first! Stella is a 7-year-old Paso Fino mare with a puppy dog personality. She is cute and she knows it!

Peach: a 13- year- old Paso Fino mare, she was born an old lady. She loves children but takes longer to warm up to adults. She likes to go out for rides with her horse and human friends. Impeccably correct, she takes care of her humans.

Jack: a Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with a heart of gold. He loves going fast and always gets a surprised look when a treat appears no matter how many he gets.

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